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Frequently asked questions

How to access internet when I arrive abroad?

You will automatically access internet after you insert the SIM card when arriving abroad. (Ensure that [Cellular network] and [Data roaming] is turned on) Reminder: The signal is usually unstable at the airports and ports . The activation process needs about 3 mintutes. Please be patient.

What should I do if I could not find carrier automatically?

Please follow the following steps to choose carrier manually: I. For iOS: Go to [Settings] - [Carrier] - turn off [Automatic] - choose carrier; II. For Android: Go to [Setting] - [Mobile Network] - [Carrier] - turn off [Choose automatically] - choose carrier. (Note: The settings appear vary by mobile operator and phone model) Please go to [Home] - [All destinations] - choose the destination - [Description] - to check carrier information.

What should I do when disconneting from internet?

Please make sure you have done the following first: I. The SIM card has been inserted properly in your cellphone (dual-sim Android phone users please insert SIM in 1st slot) ; II. You have arrived at the destination and you are in good signal areas; III. [Cellular network] and [Data roaming] in settings are switched on; IV. APN profile has been installed (Please refer to Q4 for setting methods); If it still does not work: - Re-insert the SIM and re-start the phone. - Please contact RedteaGO customer service via email: service@redteago.com.

How to add a new APN ?

Please follow the following steps to add a new APN if automatic internet access failed: I. For iOS:Go to [Settings] - [Mobile Network] - [Mobile Data Options] - [Mobile Data Network] - [Mobile Data] - Add a new APN. II. For Android:Go to [Settings] - [Mobile network] - [Access Point Name (APN)] - [New APN] - In both the [APN] and [Name] fields type in APN information and leave all other fields blank - [Save ] and go back and ensure the new APN is selected. (Note: The settings appear vary by mobile operator and phone model) Please go to [Home] - [All destinations] - choose the destination - to check APN information.

After setting up correct APN, still could not access the Internet?

If you have already set up the correct APN and still can’t access the Internet, try the following:
- Please switch the flight mode of the mobile phone and wait for the search again.
- Please try to re-insert the SIM and re-start the phone.
- Please contact online customer service for help.

What payment methods does RedteaGO support?

Currently Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay credit cards are all accepted.

What types of data packages are offered by RedteaGO ?

At present, there are Pay by Data Usage and Pay by Day Package provided by RedteaGO. Pay by Day Package is an unlimited amount of data for the package. You can choose to purchase a 1~15 day package according to your needs.

How should I choose a package for multiple countries ?

If you need to travel to more than one country, you can choose to purchase a package that supports multi-regions. You can also purchase multiple packages that support the corresponding regions, such as purchasing A and B country/region packages in advance, and reaching the A destination insert card to activate. When you reach the B destination, you need to re-insert the SIM card and restart the phone to activate the B region package.

How to time the package service ?

After the package is activated, the timing started and counts in days x 24 hours. Please confirm the arrival of the destination then insert the card.

Will multiple packages be activated automatically ?

If you have purchased more than one package in the same area, it will automatically activate one package in the region when the card is inserted. When the package duration expires, it will open another new package in the same region by default. If the new package is not automatically activated, Please try to re-insert the SIM card and restart your phone.

Can I suspend the package ?

When the package is activated, it will continue to be timed, and the package cannot be suspended during use.

How fast is the speed of the RedteaGO data package service ?

Mostly supported by the state 4G / LTE.

Is my phone can use the RedteaGO Global Unlimited Data SIM Card ?

RedteaGO Global Unlimited Data SIM Card currently supports mobile phones with WCDMA, FDD-LTE and GSM standards.

What is the latest activation time after purchase ?

After purchasing the package, you need to reach the destination card to use, please activate the card within 30 days.

Can I request a refund for a package?

Before the package is activated, you can click [Apply Refund] on the order details page after [Personal Center]-[My Order]-click the order on www.redteago.com. The refund will be refunded within 7-14 business days after submitting the application. Return the original route to your payment account. Please note that the activated package does not support refunds.

How do I get an invoice for a used package?

You can get the invoice of the used package by contacting customer service, but you will be responsible for the courier fee.

Does the RedteaGO Data Package service include voice and SMS services?

At present, most packages only support data network services, and some packages also support voice services. Please refer to the information in the package details.